Thursday, October 7, 2010

Booking Through Thursday: Travelin' Light

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted here. This week's question:

When you travel, how many books do you bring with you?
Has this changed since the arrival of ebooks?

Toothbrush? Check. Phone charger? Check. Kindle? Check. I cannot travel without it!

I was completely, 100 percent anti-eReader when they first came out. Reading is a tactile experience for me: the smell of the book, the weight of the paper. Then my mom saw the Kindle on Oprah and bought me one for Christmas. I have a VERY nice mother, but to be honest, I rarely used it. As I've said before on this blog, I am a total cheapskate who gets all her books at the Chicago Public Library.

BUT...once I took my first trip with it, I realized the Kindle is a lifesaver. That's really the only time I use it. If I'm reading a book a don't like, I can just buy another without having to give up my primo seat right in front of the gate. When I finish a book right before the plane takes off, I can quickly download its sequel so I don't have to spend hours left hanging. As someone who used to travel with at least four books at a time, it's become a must. The true definition of travelin' light.



  1. I wish I could want a Kindle (or another e-reader) but I just can't get myself to! I prefer my old fashioned books better. The only upside to the e-reader is being able to have access to a book right then & there. I'd love that! But I don't think I'd like the actual reading from a digital screen.

  2. psst.. I was already stalking your blog first :-)

  3. I usually take 1 or 2 books with me. But this last trip I took, I brought 6 with me.

    My BTT explains why I want an e-reader for travel now. :( I used to be anti-e-reader as well. x_o

  4. I resisted getting an ereader for the longest time. I only wanted traditional print books, but now I can't imagine life without my Nook. The even better thing is I can download books for free from my library. It makes for a great travel companion (well, my husband is a great travel companion too - LOL).


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