Monday, October 18, 2010

What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

Now, some might suppose that reading teen fiction is my guilty pleasure, seeing as I am a grown woman and all. However, they would be TOTALLY WRONG.

There is no guilt involved, and trust me…I can justify it. I've had plenty of practice explaining myself, especially when this accidentally happens:

Husband: "Isn't it such a crisis that..."

Me: "That so many people are writing books about fallen angels? I KNOW! Angels are the new vampires. It's getting overdone."

Husband: (Blank stare)

Whoops. He was probably talking about Darfur or...something. Anyway, I was reading this book this weekend, Wish by Alexandra Bullen. Now, I'm not going to review it, because honestly I just don't feel like it. But the novel had a plot (girl's twin sister dies, magical seamstress makes her mysterious dress that grants three wishes and allows her sister to come back to life temporarily as a ghost that only she can see) that did remind me of my REAL guilty pleasure…Disney Channel movies.

Oh yes, I said it. There is guilt in this one, because it takes the young adult interest perhaps a step too far.

How about Princess Protection Program? A princess hides out in a small town and learns to make friends/other such important life lessons. Or, Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century in which a space girl is forced to live on earth and make friends/learn important life lessons. And then there's Wish Upon a Star, in which Katherine Heigl and her unpopular younger sister, ahem, wish upon a star and wake up having switched places Freaky Friday style and are forced to make friends/learn important life lessons.

Do you see a pattern? They are totally ridiculous and predictable. I would never read them as books, yet I CANNOT STOP WATCHING THEM.

Okay, don't leave me hanging here. Someone else...please step up. What's your guilty pleasure?

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  1. Haha, love that convo between you and your husband. (And yeah, angels ARE getting overdone. Although I prefer them to both vampires & werewolves).

    LOL I remember watching Wish Upon A Star when I was way younger and liking it! I don't think I was very discriminating in terms of movie taste back then. But I know what you mean about cheesy movies...the Princess Diaries 2 movie was on last night and I was sucked in for a little bit watching it, even though I have a) seen it before and b) it is super super cheesy and not even remotely related to the books.

  2. I can totally relate to having to justify your reasons for reading young adult lit, when you're almost 30 years old!!! lol It gets rather annoying. Shouldn't people just be happy that you're READING?! Who cares what age it's directed at! lol

    My guilty pleasure would have to be cupcakes. Seriously. I love the taste of them, the look of them, and everything else that makes a cupcake what it is. I have the sweetest tooth known to man, so this is not a good pleasure to take part in. But I can NEVER say no to a cupcake. Ever.

  3. I LOVE Disney movies. I haven't seen very many of the recent ones, but I loved, loved, loved Zenon and Wish Upon a Star and Brink and Get a Clue and the list just goes on and on.

    My guilty pleasure is probably Big Brother. I never watch reality shows of any sort - never seen a single episode, and I've only seen one episode of the Real World (Paris) and I just don't like them or understand the point. But for some reason, for the past two summers, I've been obsessed with watching Big Brother. I even paid for the live feeds this past summer. It's ridiculously addictive.

  4. Whoops, that should be "never seen a single episode of Jersey Shore"

  5. Fried okra! It's SO unhealthy and my stomach ALWAYS ends up hating me but it's a constant battle between my belly and my tastebuds. Tastebuds ALWAYS win.

    That and when I was in college I had a huge crush on Enrique Iglesias. I'd randomly look up pictures on Google and just kinda swoon. It was silly, especially after I saw him on an episode of Punk'd where he acted like a total douche.

  6. Oh my gosh I LOVED those movies! :D I suppose Disney channel movies are amongst my guilty pleasures too. I will watch re-runs of old movies that I loved on Disney like crazy (a few that pop into my head right now, since it's Halloween, are Halloween Town and its sequels, Underwraps, Hocus Pocus, Brink, Mom's Got a Date With A Vampire, Genius, Johnny Tsunami, The Thirteenth Year.. I could go on.) Yeah, my friends make fun of me for watching Disney channel movies :/

    I have to admit that my guilty pleasure includes a lot of Young Adult novels. Especially the House of Night series. So many of my friends scoff at me for loving it, but it's like... so juicy and good. It's like a MTV show, but on paper. :/

    Also, random stuff like Grey's Anatomy and America's Next Top Model and various reality television shows. I'm cringing as I type my list of secret guilty pleasures out to you. Don't expose me. :P

  7. Watching the show True Blood. I cringe, and and even laugh nervously while I watch but I just can't look away. We don't get HBO so I'm always a season behind as I have to wait for them on DVD.
    By the way- I've given you an award. You can check it out on my blog.:)

  8. My guilty pleasure is my mix of old school Britney Spears songs. I've had three editions, because I've overplayed them so much, they've stopped working. Same tracklist, same order, third different CD. and I decorate them with colored Sharpies.

  9. Guilty pleasure? I have a thing for those cheesy korean movies, seriously some of those romantic comedy are pure idiocy and yet I can't stop watching them...Gossip Girl is another one but I am actually quite shameless about it


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