Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy November + Give Thanks

Ginger at GReads! started a meme for the month of November over at her blog to give thanks.


Love her, love that idea! As I said earlier this week, I'm trying to work on maintaining a positive attitude. This was DEFINITELY not always the proven by the following chat convo that took place about a month before I started this blog:

me: oh my gosh
ok i have done further research and these people are intense
aka the book bloggers
husband: haha
you don't think you're intense enough?
me: and they are highly competitive and like to post things that are like "Things you should NEVER do on your book blog"
and i am like "you are exhausting me and i didn't even start yet"
so i am not so sure i want to sully my favorite hobby with that nonsense
husband: do what you enjoy
me: eh
i just want to read my books and be left alone
husband: i know this about you
that's not how the world works though
me: yeahhhhhhhhhhh unfortch
just looks like a big commitment to get into
husband: don't psyche yourself out before you even try
me: yeah
husband: you have nothing to lose, and you just might enjoy it
this morning you sounded excited
me: eh

YOU GUYS SCARED THE CRAP OUTTA ME! Look! I almost didn't start a blog! Well, heck, thank goodness I listened to the man and mustered up some excitement, because you immediately proved me wrong.

I mean, it can be exhausting to do this and lose sight of the fact that it is SUPPOSED TO BE A FUN HOBBY. I can get a little too focused on my unimpressive follower count. And jealous of ARCs. And a lot a little annoyed that certain people who shall remain nameless don't follow me back on Twitter.

But from the moment I started blogging, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of book bloggers who have been welcoming, noncompetitive, hilarious and all-around mood-brightening. And I just wanted to make sure I said thank you for that. As soon as I start getting swept away in that negativity, my new book-lovin' friends pull me back up again. I'd have started blogging much earlier if I'd known it could be so fun.

Bloggers who are even newer than me: Give a shout-out in the comments! I'm thankful, too, that you've had the guts to put yourself out there and join in this crazy, dysfunctional blogging community/family and would love to extend a warm welcome.

Thanks and much love!

Anna Reads young adult book blog


  1. Wow if I had done seen some of that stuff on peoples blogs (about what NOT to do) then I would have been freaking out about starting one too!!! I'm glad you didn't get scared away. I've only been blogging for about a month and people have been so awesome. :)

  2. I know I had some of the same worries, but once I decided to just do my blog my way, they disappeared.

    And your follower count isn't unimpressive! Better to have followers that truly enjoy reading your blog than those that could care less, right? :]

    Besides, your blog is lovely and I will continue to look forward to your upcoming posts!

  3. Yay for Giving Thanks!! (and psst.. not to be annoying but you said the month of October at the beginning of this post - it's November! lol)

    When I got the idea to start my own book blog, it really excited me. The gears in my mind started clicking & I couldn't stop thinking of ideas for what I wanted to do. I knew I didn't want to become some power-house book blog that was hungry for followers and lose sight of the real reason I am doing this: BOOKS! So I may not generate tons of reviews. So I may not get the attention of big name publishers & authors. Who cares? I don't. I post something I feel is real & meaningful & if people read it, great! If they comment, even better!

    I love being able to share this passion of mine with other great people. And I agree, there are some pretty awesome people out there... like you ;-)

    P.S. TOTALLY agree with the twitter thing. How hard is it to follow someone back? Again.. I think someone got too big for their britches.

  4. Here's how this started for me:

    1. I need to learn how to blog so I can help my students and teachers.
    2. Start a blog about my hobbies (reading, sewing, camping, cooking.)
    3. Have a few friends and family read aka "follow" my blog
    4. Start looking for other book/sewing/cooking bloggers to see what they are doing.
    5. realize that I really like to talk about books and review books and that (like my blog says) it helps me THINK ABOUT and INTERNALIZE the books I've read.
    6. discover that maybe I could get some free books to review (started out with librarything and now have expanded a little) and that I really need to separate the book reviews from the "other" stuff. Start new blog.
    7. learned about memes. Had fun with a few. Some people actually started following me!
    8. I'm happy. if I never get another follower, I'm happy. I love reading other people's reviews. (discovered google reader and that changed my life!) I've learned so much. The bloggers I follow are awesome, and I'm having a great time. Sometimes I have to make myself stop blogging and READ.

  5. When I first started blogging, I saw some major drama on Twitter and some people tweeting about those "NEVER DO THIS ON YOUR BLOG" things. It totally freaked me out too! But now I have learned to calm down and realize that one person's pet peeve does not necessarily make it the wrong thing to do. It's what you like and what makes you feel good, right?!

    I totally have that one person who refuses to follow me back. But I've realized that it's not worth it to get upset about because the number of awesome people I have met far outway that one non-follower.

    This is a great post and meme and I am also thankful to have joined the book blogging community :) Book lovers rule!

  6. Yay to you and G! I'm so glad both of you have blogs. =)


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