Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top 10 Unfortunate Character Names in Books


Top 10 Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by my friends at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week, they give a top 10 topic for us all to consider. This week? The most unfortunate character names in books. Here's my list, in no particular order...

1. Thresh from Hunger Games: I'm sorry, and I know he was supposed to be an intimidating warrior, but all I could think was: "Trash? Rash? Thrash? What was that guy's name again?" And if his name stands out in a book of REALLY crazy names, you know how much it irked me.

2. Remus Lupin from Harry Potter: Gray wolf = Canis lupus. Remus = co-founder of Rome, was raised by a she-wolf. Could there BE a more obvious name for a dude who turns into a wolf?

3. Philip Pirrip aka Pip from Great Expectations: Pip? Seriously?

4. Padraig Seeley from Impossible: Is it just me or are fairies always named Seeley?

5. Angel Clare from Tess of the d'Urbervilles: Oh, I'm sorry, you wanted me to take him seriously as a romantic lead? Well, then don't name him the MOST GIRLIEST NAME EVER!

6. Any girl named Fanny in any Jane Austen novel: Maybe this name didn't have negative connotations back then, but that doesn't stop me from snickering...

7. Renesmee Carlie Cullen from Breaking Dawn: 'Nuff said.

8. Polyhymnia O'Keefe from Madeleine L'Engle's books: The daughter of my beloved Meg and Calvin. But why, oh why, did such a terrific couple have to do such a terrible thing to their daughter? Granted, her brother's name was Dennys so maybe odd ones run in the family?

9. Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood: Ugh. If you agree with me on this, watch this video.

10. Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games: Oh, sorry. I couldn't leave it with just one. Like everyone else, ALL I COULD THINK WAS "CATNIP!"

Meanwhile...create your own Hunger Games name (Mine = Riena H. Swingrose). Or your own Harry Potter name (Odila Lejeune). Or your own Jane Austen name (Lady Elizabeth King). And, of course, a fairy name (Gossamer Moonfly).

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  1. Theres actually a book where the lead romantic guy was named Angel? What was the author thinking!

    Oh and just so you know its Katniss Everdeen not Evergreen.

  2. Our list is similar -prob because we have similar tastes.

    This was fun -My Hunger Games name- Livni C. Dancelily
    HP Name- Maxine Timms
    Jane Austen name- Mrs. Julia Dowkins
    Fairy name- Tangle Shimmer

  3. Fantasy and sci-fi seem to have an over-abundance of strange names, and names in old novels are often perfectly fine when the books are written, and then Pow! someone names their little girl Ashley and suddenly the perfectly acceptable man's name has become funny.

    Fanny, by the way, did have unfortunate connotations when Austen wrote her book, but perhaps she was unaware of them.

  4. Great list! I never actually realized the connection in Remus Lupin's name! Thanks for mentioning that.

    Here's My Top Ten

  5. lol I didn't even think of Thresh.. but it sounds like a dinosaur name!

  6. I agree with you on the Fannys. I smirk too. And Renesmee topped my list. I can't think of a more stupid name.

  7. I have to agree with you, Angel Clare is a very girly-sounding name. Also Renesmee = terrible combination of names (and a real mouthful!)

  8. So my Jane Austen name is.. Lady Anna-Maria Bird! HA! I'm an Anna :-)

    I hated Renesmee. Hated it.

  9. I very much agree with you on Sookie. I remember being thoroughly unimpressed with her name when I first heard of those books. And Renesmee is just a mouthful:)

  10. I'm a new follower *waves* and this was hilarious!!! Great job on the list... some of these things I've always agreed with but never said out loud! Thanks for taking the bullet for us!

  11. Polyhymnia? That sounds kind of... dirty. Maybe my mind's just in the gutter today...

  12. Bahahahahahaha Renesmee. I can't think of anything more absurd in my life...it's one of the many reasons I disliked the series ;)

    I have to say that Thresh makes me think of a little bitty bird, and while I do love Remus Lupin's name, it's so indicative of his character that I cracked up the first time I read it, too :)

    Anna, you kill me haha!

  13. Fanny is too silly!

    Mine is here:

  14. Couldn't agree more about Sookie, lol. After work is over I'm so watching that video!

  15. Great list. I love The Hunger Games but had the same problem with Katniss CATNIP :)

  16. I almost didn't read the Sookie Stackhouse bc of the name...Oh brother!

    I forgot all about Renessme...I vividly remember when I reached that part of Breaking Dawn and thought, "no, surely she's not going to do this." Bleh.

  17. Oh man I'm so glad Renesmee was on your list. I almost threw up a little when I first read that name in the book!

  18. OH MY GOD I can't believe I forgot Renesmee. Oh crap I might have to go back and add that, that has to be the stupidest name of ALL TIME. Renesmee CARLIE. I shut the book after that BS, never went back.

    lol @ Fanny, I felt the same way. Mansfield Park's had to be the worst though :( the girl had the personality of a wet rag *and* her name was Fanny. Sigh.

    SO TRUE about Lupin, and yet I still didn't guess at the time. I actually kinda like Thresh though, mostly cause it fit in with his being from D11. Thresh as in threshing wheat. Makes sense.

  19. I always read Renesmee as "Reenee-Smee" or "Renny-Smee" which really, REALLY doesn't help matters.

    Before I read The Hunger Games I didn't know if Peeta was male or female, because it looks a very feminine spelling of Peter. My (female) dentist is named Peta. Which in turn makes me think of abused puppies. Oh dear...


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