Thursday, December 23, 2010

Love on the Lifts by Rachel Hawthorne

Love on the Lifts
By Rachel Hawthorne
December 13, 2005
HarperTeen, 320 pages

Winter Break super-secret perfect cocoa recipe:

8 oz steamed whole milk
(no skim! doesn't work!)

2 tbsp. dark cocoa powder (big scoops)

1 tbsp. sugar (can't be too sweet)

4 dried, crushed mint leaves
(or 1 tbsp. mint syrup)

Stir thoroughly. Add mint swizzle stick. Combine with cute ski instructor, or brother's cute best friend, or cute guy you never noticed was so cute...Enjoy.

— description

To me, this is the book equivalent of an Amanda Bynes* movie. Do I expect them to be Oscar-winning? Nope. But will there be cute boys and romance and will it end exactly the way I want it to? YOU BET IT WILL!

Which is why I was so pleased with Love on the Lifts. It was everything a "romcom" in book version should be. Now, I only gave it three stars. That's because it wasn't life-changing, and it wasn't spectacular. But I'm raving about it in this review because I didn't expect it to be any of those things. It was everything I wanted it to be.

PhotobucketPlus, I enjoyed it the way I think it was meant to be enjoyed: During a huge blizzard with a steaming cup of hot chocolate (see picture).

If you like this book, you might also like: Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

*My best friend Rachael and I have a thing where, when we're looking for movies to rent, we just say "I want an Amanda Bynes movie." We don't mean it has to be a movie starring Amanda Bynes...that's just our name for the genre. And don't deny that you don't know exactly what I'm talking about. Last time around, it meant Post Grad starring Alexis Bledel.

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  1. I looooooved that book! All of Ms. Hawthorne's stuff leaves me feeling that way. Sooo Cute!

  2. This sounds fluffy and fun...perfect for this time of year! I know what you mean by Amanda Bynes movies ;) Great review!

  3. Sometimes those are just the kind of books you need to break up some of the more intense, memorable and haunting books. As someone who likes to ski, I'll have to check this one out. Thanks for sharing Anna!

  4. I just read this as well and thought the same thing! I love Amanda Bynes btw, lol. And I totally get what you are saying with wanting an Amanda Bynes movie.

    Fab Review!

  5. Yes to Amanda Bynes movies!! and yes to fun fluffy reads! I might need this after the dramatic ending I keep hearing about with VA.

  6. Totally know what you mean! This is just a great feel-good book. Cute. :]

  7. Sometimes an Amanda Bynes movie is just right - especially Big Fat Liar! Sounds like this book is a fun read, will have to check it out.

  8. It sounds and looks like it would be a cute read :) Would I get the full effect living in Texas? I've never experienced a blizzard lol

  9. I adore this book .. its my favorit .. they should totally make a movie of it ^_^ .. that would make me really really happy ^_^


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