Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Diary Day #2

It's week two of my monthlong look into MY teenage mind. I'm digging deep into the teenage mind-set this week...13 years ago deep.

From my diary, ages 13-14:


Hi. Emily & Caroline are sitting together on the bus. I feel so left out. I have no one to talk to! Caroline likes Dan now?? I'm upset that no one told me what is going on. We went to the Holocaust museum today. So so so sad.

Bye bye,


Emily and I had a talk about all that's going on. I feel much better. I'm going to her surprise party on Saturday, then we're going with all the boys to the movies to see Godzilla.

When I get home, I have to pratice piano again. I spend too much time on AOL.



Dan was online and he told me he's going to ask Caroline out tomorrow. Then I had to call her and tell her, and she said she's got to decide to say how to say no. So then I called Emily to discuss, but she wasn't home. Ugh. You-know-who signed my yearbook three times. I signed his with a heart. Do you think he knew it was a clue?

Bye dude,

Thing I've Learned:
  • I've always spent too much time online—even when it was dial-up.
  • Friendship issues and feeling left out come first; world history and the suffering of others comes second. My priorities were so wonky!
  • Teenagers are huge gossips who suck at keeping secrets.
  • Boys NEVER get sly signals. They still don't, 13 years later.

Also, let's discuss how my writing style is still the same. Lots of "ughs" and "dudes." Some things never change!

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  1. Hey Anna ,
    This sounds like an awesome idea. I don't have a diary from 13-14 but I do have one from 14-15yrs which Im going to start posting -only snippets though LOL

  2. OMG this is awesome. I wish I had kept a diary.

  3. You're a genius, Anna. Only really smart people come up with crazy awesome features, and THIS is a crazy awesome feature. I love it :)

    PS- I agree. Boys STILL do not get the subtle hints/messages. And they think we're complicated... hah.

  4. Your blog makes my life a little better. And as a 14 year old, I must say -embarrisingly enough- that this is how most girls I know must write when they're not backstabbing and gossiping. My diary would be full of Harry Potter things!
    PS. If it wasn't for your blog, I'd have nothing to read!

  5. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Godzilla. "bye dude, anna"

    Girl, you were a flippin' genius :)

  6. HAHAHA.. oh Anna.. I love these <3 I feel old b/c you had AOL when you were 13!!! I didn't even know what internet was til high school (at least??). Probably best I didn't though. I would have been lost on there for hours too.

  7. Okay I am in love with your blog! I love this meme, I don't know if I'm brave enough to post mine. This is something I will have to think about :)

  8. Haha I love that you were on AOL. I can hear the dial-up tone now...

    Is this Dan you mention YOUR Dan?

    Here is my post confirming that I was a book nerd even 13 years ago...
    Dear Diary

  9. I think I destroyed most of my teenage diaries. So embarrassing I couldn't bear to look back at them, let alone post them online! Brave girl!

  10. I love this. Oh AOL. I remember being so annoyed because my dad would be on the phone and I couldn't check my email. I've got to go look through my diaries now!

  11. I love this! It's funny because we probably still have the same insecurities and worry just as much about insignificant things as we did when were were 13.

  12. This is such a great idea! I'm thinking of taking some of my old diaries out to read.

  13. It is too hilarious that you said you spent too much time on AOL. For two reasons. 1. AOL had almost completely disappeared from my memory 2. AS you said, some things never change.


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