Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear Diary Day #3

It's week three of my monthlong look into MY teenage mind. I'm going to let this entry stand alone. Because it is THAT bad.

From my diary, age 14, freshman year:


This morning, Mom put hot rollers in my hair and I wore these new thick and clunky shoes and new jeans. Everyone said I looked like Drew Barrymore! You-know-who even said, "Your hair looks great. I mean. Well. It looks better than when it was straight. There. Are you happy?" I didn't quite understand that.

We bombed Iraq today. It might start another war. Oh well, they can't bomb us!

-- Anna

Thing I've Learned:
Holy crap. There are no words. Let's get the obvious out of the way: War? Bombings? Total afterthought to how totally cute I looked. Could I have been more self-centered? I guess that IS part of being a teenager. And you know what, Little Anna? Yeah, they COULD have bombed us.

And did you see what you-know-who said? Boys are clueless. He was probably trying to compliment me, but ended up messing it up bigtime.

Finally: I love the '90s. Clunky shoes? Drew Barrymore hair? Classic.

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  1. This is hilarious! Oh God, I would be waaaaaay too embarrassed to post my early-teen diary entries... I'm blushing at the very thought!

  2. So Voldemort paid you a compliment, then?

  3. You are so Drew Barrymore & I love it <3 As for the clueless boy.. do you remember who he was?! haha At least he TRIED to compliment you!

    I'm amazed you even mentioned Iraq in your diary at age 14! The Gulf War was going on when I was a kid & I'm pretty sure I had no clue, or cared about it. Sad.

  4. Omg you kill me. Every. single. time.

    I effing want to do this, too. You should put up a Mr. Linky. Js.

  5. OMG. You are right - I have no words.

  6. HAHA "they can't bomb us." Oh man. Anna, I commend you for at least acknowledging world affairs at 14. To me, there was nothing more than "I'm not gonna have a date to semi-formal and MY LIFE WILL BE OVER because everyone's gonna know what a loser I am and how no one likes me!" oh, and "I went out with Chris for five minutes but then he broke up with me."

    So, Little Anna, you are on the right track by even writing one sentence about it in your diary.

    I SO love this feature. Maybe we can do our hair in rollers for Dark Days? It should happen.


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