Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear Diary Day #4

This is the last week of my monthlong look into MY teenage mind, in an attempt to better understand the teenagers I read about and write about on this blog. It's been so fun, and I'm thrilled so many of you responded!

Without further ado, these are my notes to myself, age 17, on a class trip to Germany:

Summer 2001

Things I would read about:
Casey recovers from a long coma
Denise gets taken by German mafia members, but Frau doesn't believe us and it's up to us to save her
On a waterskiing trip, our boat gets taken hostage by pirates
I get invited to join the next Real World cast, and for once none of the HOT boys are gay

Summer 2001

Things I miss about America:
Tap water
No Mad Cow Disease
My car
My blowdryer
No-smoking areas
The WB

Thing I've Learned:
Now, don't try to steal my story ideas, people. Clearly everyone would want to read about me on Real World, trapped in a house full of hot boy strangers.

I just see this list as confirmation of something we all know: Teenagers daydream. A lot. About really superficial things maybe, but the point is that there's a universal teenage experience of feeling trapped and being overly eager to fantasize about what could be.

Sure, I wrote this while exploring Germany, but I was definitely trapped on a big ole tour bus with 30 of my high school classmates at the time, so you can understand my wandering mind.

The last list is just hilarity to me. The WB? This is what I missed during my month abroad? I was SO 17...Lord have mercy on me if I ever have daughters.

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Anyone else want to play along? Leave a link in the comments!

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  1. I always tried to have a diary but would only write in it like two times before I lost it. I think one time I wrote like five times but I do believe I ripped it up and burned it. I wonder what happened that made me so dramatic?

  2. I am still contemplating doing this Meme. I'm still struggling, LOL I was a angry kid so it's something I have to really think about. I love these entries though.

  3. I couldn't keep a diary. My life was so boring I ended up writing something completely fictional and leaving it around my classroom in the hopes some of the nosier girls would try to read it. Nothing bad, just crazy stuff like learning to fly.

  4. Anna, I have so enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with you & your diary. I think you should continue this post!

    I think you were in Germany the same time I was in London! Summer 2001, baby!! I totally understand missing the WB. Though London had their own version, they were still playing 2 seasons old episodes of Friends! Hello people?!

  5. There is nothing wrong with pining over the WB.

    This was such a fun feature to do - great idea girl :)

  6. bahahahahahah the wb. yes.

    still can't find my diaries -_-

  7. I so love this idea. Your diary entries have amused me this month! I'm tempted to borrow this idea, if you don't mind.

  8. Oh no don't say this is the last time. Contemplated making it a meme and continuing it? we would adore you forever for it :)

  9. I love The Real World with not hot guys who are gay! It cracked me up.

  10. I agree with Blueicegal! I will miss this meme. =(

    PS - The whole "No Mad Cow Disease" part made me LULZ.

  11. Hey, I'm not judging over The WB comment. The WB was pretty freaking awesome in 2001.


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