Monday, April 4, 2011

Ginger and Anna Talk Jenny Han's Summer Series

My friend Ginger has been going on and on about The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. And I’ve been going on and on about Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott. And so we gave in last week to each other’s demands and read them. And then preceded to totally freak out about them over GChat.

So here’s the deal: I could be very civilized about this and write a grown-up review of the three Jenny Han books I devoured last week (The Summer I Turned Pretty, It's Not Summer Without You and We'll Always Have Summer). Or I could just show you my conversation with Ginger and finally reveal to you the full extent of my lunacy. The latter is obviously more embarrassing, but at least it’s honest… (SOME MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD!)
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
where are you at?
i stayed up till midnight and finished Summer Book 2
Ginger: YESSSS
Ginger: &heart;
me: i have strong love for her and conrad that grew outta nowhere
thank goodness i have book 3 from galley grab
havey ou read it yet?
Ginger: omg YES
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ginger: i read all 3 in one sitting! Ha!
me: really, i was so mad at her when she kissed jeremiah in the car!
Ginger: 3 is super good.. freaking emotional roller coaster.. SO GET READY
me: oyyyyyy
Ginger: Conrad really shines in book 3!
me: poor connie
Ginger: i know :(
Ginger: oh just you wait
me: so misunderstood
Ginger: EPICNESS goes down at Cousins Beach!
me: yes yes yes
Ginger: Stealing Heaven... I'm trying to remember where I left off, hahaha
Ginger: SH.. Danielle's mom just caught her & Greg hanging out for the 1st time
me: GREG
helloooo, officer
Ginger: um buzz cut? ewww
me: um move on. it's like marcus' dreads
Ginger: I love that she always refers back to his hair
me: she thinks it's gross too
Ginger: she loves it
i would love it
i want to rip his uniform off!
I have a feeling I know whats coming though...
me: whooooooooa calm down girl
Ginger: her mom is sick, like majorly sick huh?
me: I DONT KNOW spoilerfreak
Ginger: hahahaha
& he's so going to bust her
I really dont want her to rob the Donaldsons!
me: no because they are her friends!
Ginger: and Alison.. oh god.. she's going to get her poor feelings hurt when she knows the truth
me: alison in my mind looks like alison from pretty little liars, but NICE
Ginger: ohh nice
hold up
ROGER.. how freaking ewww is that?!
me: I KNOW it's so twisted
Ginger: omg her mom is a freaking crack head
me: i know, gag
Ginger: I'm antsy
I'm scared
what the crap
don't hurt greg!!!!
me: i just feel so confused about these cop books -- who knew cops could be that young? and cute?! chicago cops are DEF not like that...
Ginger: um Houston cops arent either
I wonder if John After & Greg would be buddies
like "lets go grab a donut & soda" buddy
me: of course they would
and hot dogs
Ginger: ok WHAT was that?!
i pictured these mini hot dogs covered in chili
he ordered like six!
me: me too, which is kind of puke, but it brought them closer together so go with it, g-slice
Ginger: you're making me miss the Fisher boys
me: jeremiah is JUST A FRIEND
Ginger: wait..
I just remembered something that happens in the beginning of book 3
me: oh no
why do books cause so much heartache?
Ginger: yeah.. I cant believe I forgot that
seriously though
you may need to text after you read it
its kind of major
me: am i going to throw the book? sometimes i throw books
Oh'll be on the iPad. can't throw that.
Ginger: um it's definitely a throwing book kind of moment
ok.. grab a pillow then
me: you are not making me excited to read this
Ginger: its crazy
And then I preceded to stay up all night that night to finish the third and final book. And then I left her a screamy voicemail message about how they ended. Suffice it to say, it was crazy. I enjoyed these books. A lot.

We'll Always Have Summer comes out April 26. Many, many thanks to Simon & Schuster's Galley Grab for providing me with my copy. I love you, S&S.

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  1. oh wow! i so envy you! i haven't read the summer i turned pretty, shame on me i know! but i already ordered the book at book depository and just waiting for it to be delivered... the anticipation is killing me right now. i heard so many wonderful things about these novels. anyway i bet you're enjoying the books... looking forward to your reviews. ^_^

  2. Oh my geezus.. I sound like a high school fan girl on crack! Ha! Oh well. This is why we're friends, right?! ;-) I could go on & on about my love for the Summer books (but you & the whole twitter world already know this!) I'm just happy we have each other to be complete messes about what we read with, HA!

  3. These books were so awesome! I loved them to death. I read them all in like 3 days too! :)

  4. lol!! I'm now especially glad that I finally ordered the first book after seeing Ginger's million enthusiastic tweets! :D I'm now off to find a copy of Stealing Heaven because anyone who can be this excited about a book, deserves to be listened to!

  5. EEEEP! I so need to start these soon! You two crack me up! But if I do read two must promise to be around so I can freak out if I like them! :P

  6. I REALLY need to get to these!! I love all your unconventional reviews. :)

  7. I can't WAIT to read the third Summer book!!!

    Cracking up at the chat transcript - sounds like something I'd do ;o)

    You're Team Conrad???
    Oh man, I was cheering for Belly like crazy at the end of Book 2!
    Really, really, really can't wait to get my hands on Book 3 ...

  8. These books sound good. I'll have to check them out. Can I ask how you got an invite for Galley Grab? I've been doing Netgalley, and Galley Grab sounds good too.

  9. LOL this convo was so awesome! I adore the series, and omg the third book just GAH! So fab. PS The cops aint half bad around here :D

  10. Hah. Watching Ginger fangirl on this books has been one of my favorite book blogger moments yet :) I love these books and read them when they first came out and thankful that Ginger brought them back to my attention!

  11. OK so I can't read the whole convo because I haven't read any of these books yet. But if I know you ladies, I am sure it was full of hilariousness and uncontrollable squeeing...which is why I love you guys so much :)

  12. Love this series. So hard.

    I was a Conrad girl in book 1, then slipped over to Jer for a little bit in book 2 but then was FIRMLY back in the Conrad camp in book 3. Especially after the event Ginger spoke of. That and the total and complete personality shift of Jer. Egads, he went to crazytown in 2.5 seconds.

    I'm sad it's over but Jenny Han has a fan for every book she write from here on out.

  13. Oh how I adore this series!!! I am definitely a Conrad fan:) I'll post my review of We'll Always Have Summer next week, sad that the series came to an end:(

  14. I'm insanely jealous that you've read the third book. I'm eagerly waiting for the library to order it now. Gaaaahhhh.

  15. I started reading the summer i turned pretty this morning, and i was like "meh, this is okay" for about 10 pages and now i can't stop and i'm like 1/2way through the book and of COURSE the library doesn't have book 2 or 3 available right now! ARGH! (my angst deserved a run on sentence:)

  16. It took my library FIVE WEEKS to get me We'll Always Have Summer but I got it and I finished it in like 4 hours. I was worried because I could tell how it was going to start, but it got good.


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