Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prom - The Quintessential High School Experience

Hello there, Julie Taylor! I mean, Aimee Teegarden. I know it's cheesy and I'm too old for it, but when's that ever stopped me before? I am so seeing this movie.

Prom really is the quintessential high school experience. I was reminded of that this past weekend when Tara from Fiction Folio and I volunteered with the Glass Slipper Project:
The Glass Slipper Project ® is a non-profit organization that gives away free prom dresses and accessories to high school Juniors and Seniors in the Chicagoland and surrounding areas. The Glass Slipper Project collects new and almost-new formal dresses and accessories and provides them, free of charge, to students who are unable to purchase their own prom attire.  Students do not need to prove any type of financial hardship in order to get a dress from us.  
We distribute the dresses at the Glass Slipper "boutiques"each prom season, where each student receives individual assistance from a volunteer "personal shopper" as she shops for the dress of her dreams. 

What a dream-come-true experience. An abandoned school building on the South Side was filled with 12,000 dresses, all organized by size. Each room was for a different dress size, then within the room the dresses were organized by color on racks. And then on the racks by shades. It was overwhelmingly great.

Girls were assigned personal shopper volunteers and together they sorted through dresses to try on. I got a little teary when the first girl found THE PERFECT DRESS. The girl's mom was crying. So moving and emotional. It really took me back to MY proms and how great it felt to dress like a princess for one night. 

Tara and I were in charge of hanging out in the dressing rooms, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the girls and then reracking dresses when they weren't quite right.

A rainbow of shoe colors
The black purse table

The girls then got to move on to separate rooms filled with jewelry, shoes, accessories and makeup--everything they needed for a perfect prom night. That's something every girl deserves. Five hundred girls got to have that dream come true last weekend, and we can't wait to help out again next year.

Anyone have any recommendations on prom books now that I'm in a prom-y mood? Loved Prom & Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg, and it was sweet how excited Evie was about getting to go to prom in Paranormalcy by Kiersten White. Would love to read more like that!

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  1. Man I am posting this comment at an ungodly hour. Ahem, so can I just say how PROUD I am of the two of you for doing such an awesome thing for these girls? It seriously brings joy to my heart and big gooshy tears to my eyes. (which is quite the endeavor cos I can be such a robot)

    Now, as far as that Prom movie? I saw the trailer in the theater before another film and can I say how much GNASHING OF TEETH there was because they basically spelled out THE ENTIRE MOVIE in the trailer?!! Gah.

  2. I just got teary eyed right there with you! Wow. What an experience. It warms my heart to see people doing things for others. I wish I could have been there with you & Tara on that day. You have good things coming your way Anna, GOOD THINGS.

    I soooo want to see that movie too! I think I caught the trailer before Beastly? or was it Red Riding Hood? I can't remember. Anyway, I was with Maria, Cynthia, & Lena & we all decided it's a must-see movie for us! haha

    Hmm.. prom books? I just did a search on Amazon & this is what I came up with:

    -Prom by Laurie Halse-Anderson (did not know she wrote a prom book!)
    -Will Work for Prom Dress by Aimee Ferris
    -Prom Nights from Hell by Stephenie Meyer, Kim Harrison, & Meg Cabot
    -Prom Anonymous by Blake Nelson
    -21 Proms by David Levithan
    -The Anti-Prom by Abby McDonald
    -A Picture Perfect Prom, Sweet Valley High by Francine Pascal (haha! just for you!)

  3. Wow, that sounds like such a cool experience. It's so awesome that you guys did that! I'd never heard of The Glass Slipper but it sounds like a great project!

    I don't recall ever reading a book about prom... so I guess I can't help you there, ha.

  4. What a great experience! Our high school is trying to put together a "prom closet" to do something similar on a much smaller level!

    Have you read 24 girls in 7 Days? When the girl Jack wants to go to prom with says no his friends place a personal ad in the school newspaper without him knowing... pretty cute!

  5. I can't even tell you how much fun this was and how we need to this EVERY year! I love that we both got pictures of the orange princess dress that went out the door first. Too bad we didn't get a pic of the Gaga aluminum foil dress. Thanks again for inviting me to this :)

  6. Yea I really want to see this movie too and one of my favorite books about prom Top Ten Uses of an Unworn Prom Dress, the main character gave her dress to a charity like that and it inspired me to do the same.

  7. You girls have doe such a lovely and inspirational thing!! I love the trailer, there are not enough movies that centre around teens nowadays so this one is a breath of fresh hair. Did anyone else notice the hotness of the guy with long hair and leather jacket.

  8. That is so awesome! Coming from a family that couldn't really afford for me to get the "dream dress" this really hits home! I almost teared up a bit, too. You guys rock!

  9. How fun! Prom is a big deal in high school, so I'm glad those girls will be able to participate and feel beautiful in their new dresses :)

  10. What a wonderful experience -- for the teens and for you! It's cliche and cheesy, but so true: it is better to give than to receive. Some of the most moving experiences of my life have come from volunteering my time to help others!

    Prom was definitely awesome -- I enjoyed both of my dances so much. It's funny, though, because I think I had more fun going with a best guy friend as a junior than I did with a boyfriend as a senior! :)

  11. WOW, that is amazing and so great of you to do that. I love prom dresses, there is something so special about them. Would love to have seen them, but I would have wanted to try on all of them :P

    Think it's wonderful what you're doing. :D

  12. Awesome!What a great thing to do.

    How about Prom by Laurie Hales Anderson
    24 Girls in 7 Days by Bradley

  13. I wish there was something like this when I was growing up in good 'ole Indiana! Before I could get a job, I pretty much borrowed dressed from other girls, which isn't's just nice to get something you can call your own! I't great you guys helped out!

  14. What a great project! I can only imagine how awesome it was to see the girls come in and get excited over the dresses. As for prom books I recently read Will Work For Prom Dress and it was pretty cute. Quick read.


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