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Top 10 Book Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is: 
Top 10 Book Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

1. The cover for the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead
Love these books. But the cover models didn't look like that characters for me, and they were just posed in REALLY awkward positions. Over the shoulder looks? One where her head kinda looks snapped? This just really doesn't convey the high quality of these books.

2. Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker
This book is actually about a girl who isn't very cheery, is super into indie music and hates sorority/girly girl types. You definitely wouldn't get that from this "beach party"-themed cover.

3. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
I know that it was explained that it was about power...or something...but chess? I don't get it.

4. Claudia Gray's books
I met this Chicago author last month, and she was so kind and hilarious. But I don't feel like these books convey much about her vampire series -- which I quite enjoy. They look like photocopies, no?

5. Rachel Hawthorne's books
There's several I could have used as an example. These books are cute, wonderful fluff. And these covers are cute fluff too, but I feel like they encourage the reader to skip right over them. Give these books a try--there's more to them than the covers convey.

6. Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols
Listen, if you haven't had the benefit of meeting Mr. John After...please go buy this book now and rectify this situation. Knowing what I know about the man (or, CHARACTER, whatever, he's real to me), I just don't see him on this cover. The model used just seems a little too...feminine. The posing of the cover also makes this book seem like it's a lot more about sex than it actually is. Does anyone else agree?

Also: Did Meg ever have an eyebrow piercing in the book? I just don't know that they mentioned one. Not sure why it bothers me that there's one on the cover, but it does.

7. Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
So I know this isn't the only cover out there. But this is the cover I had growing up. And it is FUG. And permanently burned into my brain.

8. The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty
Maybe it's a culture issue, but I don't get this cover. Is that a mailbox? That's my best guess. But in the book they don't use mail...they use lockers. And the smiley face is a little creeptastic. Regardless: Great book. Check it out.

Okay, that's all I got! What are your least fave covers? Or, at least, books that are WAY better than their covers convey? Update: It's worth noting that though I am knocking all these covers, I LOVE all these books. I just think they need to be put into a hot new outfit or something to raise their self-esteem, you know? A makeover does wonders!

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  1. The new covers for Vampire Academy are very stylish - the red/black ones.
    One of my fav authors told me "publishers tend to go right ahead and commission covers without reference to the author - or even, on occasion, to the content of the book."
    The same favourite author had a book published with a Fabio-inspired muscle hunk on the front cover. Apparently it was supposed to be the god Yandros, who is described often as being incredibly thin, with an angular, feline face etc. We laughed at this cover because the man in the foreground is so obviously NOT who he is supposed to be:
    There was another cover of a book in a trilogy, The Initiate (also by Louise Cooper), and the man on the cover looked like Colin Firth! I have looked and looked for a cover image but it was printed in 1993 and I can't find one!

  2. going too far is tragic. and the eybrow ring photo shopped in is a shocker (especially as she doesn't have one). I am embarrassed for the book :( they could have done something really fun and funky.

    Also ~ Jaclyn Moriarty had a new US cover release for the year of secret assignments. I like the new design a lot better :) (we have different ones here in Oz though)

  3. Sad when millions miss a book because of a bad cover. What a waste.

    Here's my post: www.readerbuzz.blogspot.com

  4. I agree that the model on Going Too Far is a bit to femine for John <3 Of course I agree with VA...I think everyone has to agree with that. I haven't read Lovestruck Summer, is it really good?

  5. Good call wanting to redesign the Vampire Academy covers. I am not really a fan of them either. Fantastic list! I agree with you on most of them!

  6. Ugh. Freaking Vampire Academy. I did like the first one, because I kinda did picture Rose to resemble Angelina Jolie a little bit. But the rest? No. The second one didn't even make sense. I believe Richelle Mead said that was supposed to be Christian. But his eyes are red, which has nothing to do with the storyline. Honestly, I didn't like ANY of the covers (except for that first one) even after the redesign. They don't do the books justice by any means.

  7. LOL about the Wrinkle in Time cover. I almost did that one too but the most recent one I actually don't mind. I grew up with the cover that you put here on your blog though and I agree - it's hideous.

  8. I agree with Vampire Academy. These books are first on my list too.

  9. On the Moriarty book, that's the fire alarm, which fits an incident that occurs in the book.

  10. I know this is not the right thing to do, but I have to say that I don't like the Vampire Academy book covers either, and it's probably the main reason that I don't particularly fancy reading them. I know that it's not right to judge a book by its cover, but they just look sooo unappealing...
    Great picks though! :)

  11. I agree about the VA covers too! Just not how I pictured the characters at all. And in response to "The Year of Secret Assignments" cover: that's a fire alarm. Not sure where you live, but in Canada that's how they look. ;)

  12. I have always hated the cover for New Moon. At least have the cover have a little to do with the book! And I am about to start the Vampire Academy series and even though I have heard great things about the books, I have to admit, I felt a little silly checking them out at the library, I am a 35 year old mother of four after all!

  13. Totally agree on the Vamp Academy and Breaking Dawn. I was like, "Where does chess figure in to all of this?"

  14. I always thought that red boxy thing on the cover of a Year of Secret Assignments was a school fire alarm...since I've never seen a mailbox like that before. I've not read the book yet, but it is on my To Read list.

  15. The Wrinkle in Time cover is pretty bad. I have such fond childhood memories about the book that the cover makes me nostalgic, but it isn't very attractive.

    Here is my list: http://hawthornescarlet.blogspot.com/2011/04/top-ten-tuesday-stop-embarassing-me.html

  16. Completely agree about VA!! With The Year of Secret Assignments though that's not the cover we have in Australia so I don't think it's a cultural thing. We have a picture girl's legs, which isn't much more relevant haha.
    Great post :)

  17. Great choices, Sweets! I love how we have two similar ones. =) Oh, and The Year of Secret Assignments cover? It looks like a fire alarm to me. *shrugs*

    All those Vampire Academy covers make me want to laugh. Although I've heard GREAT things about the series -- I need to read them!

  18. My ex-boyfriend used to joke that the chess piece on the cover of Breaking Dawn is supposed to be a phallic symbol. I kinda doubt it, but I have to wonder if it's true at all.

  19. Anna! I agree with you 100% about Vampire Academy (LOVED them) and the Evernight books, I', so glad you mentioned the book, Going Too Far, because I have been putting off buying it because of it's color. I think it gave kind of an... Emo flair maybe? And I just don't particularly like that type of book :)

  20. I agree that most of these covers are Fugly. The worst being your copy of a Wrinkle in Time.

    I don't remember if Meg had an eyebrow piercing, but it would fit her character. You are right though, the guy is a little too feminine looking to be John After. I think GTF is one of my favorite recent YA books.

  21. I think the Wrinkle in Time cover is why it took me FOREVER to read it. Glad I finally did, of course!


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