Monday, June 6, 2011

Bring on the Summer Books + Giveaway

Hey, see that gorgeous view of my city? You know what it means, right? IT'S BEACH SEASON, BABY! We've got some great ones in Chicago, and I plan on spending some quality time there this summer with a good book.

Whether you've got a beach near you, a lake, a pond, a pool or even a backyard with a lawn chair, check out my Top 10 list of summer reads for ideas on what would make the perfect beachy read.

Right now, I'm reading Moonglass by Jessi Kirby, and it's all beaches, waves and lifeguards. Perfect! 

Clearly I'm in the summer mood, and it's about time you are too -- so enter below to win your own copy of Moonglass and a copy of We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han (which made it onto my list of summer faves), all in a cute beach tote.

Not familiar with the Summer series? HELLO. You should be. Check out my post on it here, and watch the trailer below. 

For those who have read it -- are you a Jeremiah fan or a Conrad fan? It's Conrad for me, 100%. The Conrad vs. Jeremiah Quiz even backed me up on that.

- To enter, please fill out the form here
- One entry per person
- Must be 13 years old or older
- Deadline is 12 p.m. CST on Friday, June 10
- Please see my contest policy here

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  1. Since I already own both these books, I won't be entering your giveaway.. but I WILL be promoting the heck out of it!! Such an awesome giveaway :-) Yay summer books!!

  2. I haven't read either of these, but I've heard super great things about them both all over the place!

    I never really counted a difference in "summer" reading or "beach" reading or reading during the rest of the year...I just always read whatever I have currently checked out from the library or what I've just bought...but more and more as I read other blogs, I see that I just may be in the minority on this... ;)

  3. i kind of have a thing for totes. and by a thing for totes i mean an obsession with totes. this contest speaks RIGHT into my little bookish and tote-loving heart. thanks for having this!

  4. Great giveaway! : ) Perfect for summer. And I am totally a totes girl (pun intended).

    Ann @Semisweet

  5. That's an awesome giveaway. I'm torn between the Jeremiah and Conrad. For the first two books I was hardcore rooting for Jeremiah but after the last one I found myself leaning towards Conrad.

  6. Oooh! Great giveaway! I'm really interested in those books!

  7. I have been #6 in the queue for my library system for the 3rd Summer book for over a week now and I'm clearly never getting it! I was debating buying my own copy but then I checked your blog! Magic. I filled out the form :)

    The quiz says I want Conrad, but the me who has liked my share of closed off guys thinks Jeremiah is a better choice because sullen and cranky and unwilling to communicate stays that way usually. Been there, done that! Repeatedly :)

  8. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway! :)

  9. Both books look like great beach reading!


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