Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why I Love Being a Book Blogger

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is:
Top 10 Reasons I Love Blogging

I started making this list, and the reasons to love blogging came easily. I mean: I love it when people send me books out of the kindness of their hearts. And I love it when I get to meet authors. 

(Proof: The insane look on my face in this picture as I talk to Libba Bray. Really, Anna? Pull yourself together!)

And, I mean, look, that IS really cool. 

But, at the end of the day, that those aren’t not the reasons I write on Anna Reads. Because, really, I could read library books for the rest of my life and be happy. And I didn't start this blog to be competitive or to get free stuff. 

What I really love about blogging is when people leave me nice comments. 

Or when someone says something funny to me in a tweet. 

Or, better yet, when someone emails me about what she should read on an upcoming road trip with her boyfriend because she – can you believe it, Dad?* – trusts my opinions on books.

Or that when I finish a book and just NEED to ask “What the heck just happened there?!” ... I've got a go-to group of people who are super eager to break it down with me. I mean, how cool is that?

I just love reading. And I love that you love it too. That's why I started this blog: To talk about books with you until we beat the subject to death. 

So thank you to everyone who has wanted to talk books with me in the past year and to all of you who have been so kind to me. Please continue to comment, tweet and email me whenever you like, because it truly does make my day! That is why I blog.

Anna Reads young adult book blog

*Actual conversation:
Me: So I started this blog about books.
My dad: Who the hell cares what you think about books?
Hahaha...he has since apologized.


  1. <333 You are such a great part of this blogging community and one of my personal faves...but you already knew that! :P

  2. a) your reasons a a bajillion times cooler then mine, which means I should have actually taken time to sit and think. b) I love your tid but of your dad and you's convo and I LOVE your expression to meeting Libba Bray. Honestly mine, would have been the same

  3. LOL - in your dad's FACE!
    I'm glad you started a book blog. After burning out at University, I just don't have the same passion for reading that I used to. I like to read your reviews and then add books to me to-read list.

  4. ahaha, your reasons totally made me smile! We do care what you think about books! Yay for blogging and nice people! ^__^

    Here’s my Top Ten!

  5. that photo of you meeting libba bray is fantastic! I would've had the same look on my face!

  6. I love this list. AND I LOVE THAT LIBBA BRAY IS CALLING ME IN THAT PHOTO. (I don't love that I didn't get her voicemail.) But that's in the past. The blogging community would not be the same without you. My bookish LIFE would not be the same without you. What would I do if I couldn't discuss books with you at length and via text? I would die, that's what. No, really.


  7. Yes. A very honest list. I agree. The comments make it for me.

    Here's my list of Ten Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger.

  8. Well, I am super happy you decided to start blogging bout books. You and Ginger at Greads were the first two blogs I started following and i pretty much look at your blogs everyday :) Also I just started blogging because my family thinks Im crazy with my book obsession so I figured I would find people out here in blogging world that understand me. Thanks agian so much.

  9. That convo with your dad is awesome. And author signings just would not be the same without you and Jesse McCartney :)

  10. Talking books with your BFFs is what it's all about! I'm happy you started this blog because we may have never met otherwise & I'm not sure I'd want to know what my life would be like with out Anna!

    Love you. You. Yes, You. (and yes I am totally going to say this ALL THE TIME NOW.)

  11. oh and HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!!!! forgot to mention that in my comment, whoops.

  12. It is totally about talking books with like-minded people.

  13. great topic today--it's nice to think about why we like to do this. I like associating with people who like books as much as I do. have a nice day. kaye-the road goes ever ever on

  14. Ooh, your dad is sure eating his words now.
    I get that a lot still, but it's what I like to do, so it doesn't matter what other people think.
    I liked your post. Very honest.

    Lisa @Fic Talk

  15. yeah...it was already said, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY. don't fail to mention to your readers/fans/friends that you are turning another year older today!

  16. if i listed all the reasons why i'm happy you started blogging, well my fingers would fall off from overuse. So I will just say this....I love you, I love this blog, all this, this thing that we all do, it would not be the same without you. it really wouldn't. and i'm lucky to call you a friend. happy birthday x

  17. First, Happy birthday!!!

    Second, I am glad that you didn't take your dad's opinion to heart because you are one of my favorite bloggers. I love blogging for the same reasons. Especially twitter conversations. I live for those.

    And I'm really glad your dad apologized. :)

  18. love this!

    When I showed my dad the blog, he just scratched his head, said "huh, okay" and went back to his John Wayne movie :P

  19. i think i want to be you when i grow up :)

  20. <3 you to death, Anna! Great reasons all around...next year...BEA...yes.

  21. I totally decide what to read based on what you have said! Especially if you make a cute stick figure video about it. (For VA - I read Cassie Clare all by myself because an awesome friend didn't want her ARCs any more!!!)

  22. My local library has a coffee can sitting in the young adult section asking for suggestions on books they should include in the section (they are behind the times in so many ways), after putting in a few slips here and there I have come to the conclusion that I should just put your url in the coffee can and let them figure out what their section needs based on your blog alone ;)

  23. The beautiful thing is, you'll never beat the subject of reading to death with us. ;)

  24. Truly, the best part of book blogging for me has been the friends I've made. I can get books anywhere (though I appreciate the generosity of those that give/share) but friends they're the best benefit.


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