Friday, July 22, 2011 Is Now on Facebook

Are you on Facebook?

Sure you are – everyone is! My high school German teacher is! My best friend’s childhood bear, Klaus, is! My mom is! Hell, my mom has TWO accounts so she can play double the Farmville.

See? Everyone. Ever.

Well, now so is Okay so it’s a weakling page right now, but links to my posts are updated whenever a new one goes up, so you’ll see it in you feed.

Pretty please click here to make me feel liked and follow me on Facebook? Thanks, friends!

Anna Reads young adult book blog


  1. I liked you a few days ago! :D

  2. I liked you way before Facebook ;-)

  3. I 'liked' yours! 'Like' mine? :)

  4. I liked from my phone. I'm off to make Hubby like you from both of his pages :) MUAH!

  5. My high school German teacher is on there too! :) Now, off to like you!


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