Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Not-So-Secret Love of Teenage Television

I think it's time for a confession that will surprise approximately none of you: I LOVE TEEN TELEVISION. 

Yes! Shocker! Grown-up lady who loves teenage books also cannot get enough ABC Family this summer.

It's an issue. But you can see why it appeals to me: Angst! Kissing! More angst! MORE kissing! These shows are like YA fiction come to life. Sometimes quite literally.

I mean, let's take Pretty Little Liars, based on the book series by Sara Shepherd. I haven't read the books, but the show is like crack, people. Especially the Caleb and Hanna story line. Wowsa!

And now Sara Shepherd's book The Lying Game -- which I have read -- is being made into a show too. Check out the trailer here:

I'm also into Switched at Birth, though I cannot stop calling it Separated at Birth. A lot of its characters took some warming up to, but a certain ROMANCE blooming of late is it. Makes me want to take a refresher course on the sign language class I took in college.

I'm trying out Nine Lives of Chloe King now too -- very paranormal! -- but the acting can be pretty wooden. Maybe it'll grow on me? 

And this one, The Secret Circle on the CW, is looking like it might make it onto my fall TV schedule (Witches! That girl from that one show where Liz from Roswell was unrealistically her mother!):

So, gang, speak up! Who else is a not-so-secret teenage TV show watcher? I know you're out there...

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  1. I started paying attention to Pretty Little Liars when it was already the second season, so I opted out of watching it since it was so far in. I'm not sure I'm going to watch The Lying Game... I read the first book and I really liked it, but the show doesn't appeal to me. HOWEVER, Switched at Birth is my THING. I'm so in love with the romance that's flourishing between Bay and Emmett. I'm dying for more! I'm a huge fan of Smith's Secret Circle book series and when I found out it was being brought to television, I was both nervous and excited. After seeing the casting though... I'm not too sure how I'm going to react to it come the fall.

    ~ Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  2. I wish I had time for TV... :( but The Secret Circle sounds just my thing!

  3. Dude. I'm all about the "teeny-bopper" shows -- this is what my family calls them! However, since I got rid of cable my tv viewing time has dwindled down A LOT.

    Past loves:
    - Malibu Shores (please tell me someone watched this back in the day & I am not THAT old)
    - Felicity (a little post-teenage love)
    - One Tree Hill (before they graduated high school)
    - 90210 (the original!)
    - The Vampire Diaries (duh)
    - My So-Called Life (LIVED for this show back in the day)
    - Buffy (before Angel left)
    - Party of Five (I cried my eyes out every episode)
    - Dawson's Creek (oh Pacey...)
    - Young Americans (it was a summer series/spin-off of Dawson's Creek that went away too quickly! Plus David Gray was played A LOT on this show. LOVE.)


  5. Yay love it. For me I watch a ton.
    The Secret Life
    Vampire Diaries
    Pretty Little Liars
    Used to watch the OC
    Now cant wait for Secret Circle

  6. Um, does anyone remember The Bedford Diaries? It was a mid-season replacement circa 2005-2006, set at college and starring JESS FROM GILMORE GIRLS! I was so bummed it got cancelled, and I can't find it ANYWHERE online. Sad.

  7. I mostly watch crime shows but I have a sweet spot for Glee and my friends are trying to get me into Vampire Diaries. I think I should read the series first, just so I can get a handle on it?

  8. @Ginger @ GReads!
    I vaguely remember Malibu Shores but, I was definitely all over Felicity, 90210 (original series), My So Called Life, Buffy, Party of Five and Dawson's Creek.

    Tried to watch Secret Life and Pretty Little Liars but, couldn't get into them. I need to catch up on The Vampire Diaries and I'm interested to see how The Secret Circle turns out. It was one of my favorite series back in the day.

  9. I am constantly watching teenage shows on DVD or online since I don't have cable. I've been having Dawson's Creek marathons for the past week and just bought the first two seasons of Felicity which I'm already hooked on again. I agree that Pretty Little Liars is crack, along with Secret Life of the American Teenager, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill (yes, I'm still watching it despite Lucas and Peyton being gone, but there is hope they will return in the 9th and final season this year). I'm also addicted to Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant. Thanks to twitter I finally started watching The Vampire Diaries but I still have the last few episodes to catch-up on. I haven't watched Chloe King yet but I am super excited for The Lying Game since I loved the book.

  10. @Ginger @ GReads! Ian Somerhalder. Young Americans. YESSSSSSSSSS! This was one of my faves. It was canceled too soon. Also: Buffy was only good till Angel left. Spike who? Psh.

  11. I've always loved teenage shows. Before I was a teenager, when I was a teenager, and now that I haven't been a teenager for a long time. I watch PLL, the Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill (I might be one of only 3 people left) now. Have had obsessions with so many others in the past.

  12. My older sister, my mum and I all LOVE the Vampire Diaries! My sis and I totally drool over Damon ;-)
    & my mum and myself watch Pretty Little Liars every thursday - that show is so addictive. I'm with you on the Hanna/Caleb story line, it's amazing!

    Also, I was obsessed with Charmed and Buffy growing up/teen years. I even did a Charmed project in primary 7 'cos clearly I was just too cool ;-)

  13. Heck yeah I watch Teen shows! I LOVE Pretty Little Liars! I'm now into Teen Wolf on MTV. I watch most of the CW shows as well. Some of them I keep as secrets, lol!

  14. Unhealthy addiction here too! Pretty Little Liars is a new one for me. I watched all of season 1 in about a week and a half thanks to Netflix and immediately started season 2, can't get enough now. I'm also loving summer because Degrassi TNG is back on! I've been addicted to this show since it's beginning yeeaaarrssss ago. I'm heavily addicted to the CW: Supernatural, Smallville (i'll miss you!), One Tree Hill, Hellcats, Vampire Diaries! I got my share of adult TV too, True Blood (of course), White Collar, Criminal Minds (and spinoff), NCIS (and spinoff), House, and Survivor (guilty pleasure!) Honestly sometimes I think I'm into too many shows, but that's only sometimes and it passes quickly :D My mom is trying to get me to watch Being Human, she says I'd like it because it's a vampire, werewolf, and ghost living together. That's my next stop.
    (Going back to the Caleb/Hanna clip now, I can't get enough of their romance either!)

  15. I love Emmet and Bay together.

  16. I've watched most of the first season of Pretty Little Liars (I'm a little behind, obviously), and having read the first two books in the series, I actually think the TV show is stronger: it's campy and well-paced and a total guilty pleasure.

    Even though I'm well past my teen years, I've always loved teen-centric TV shows. I grew up when the WB was at its prime--Dawson's Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Felicity were staples of my adolescence. Because my formative years were spent watching so much angst, I still really like it.

    I am in love with Switched at Birth. Each time I watch a new episode, I can hardly wait for the following week's. I also really like The Vampire Diaries, and I'm looking forward (with reservations) to The Secret Circle.

  17. I have a decadency to watch shows after they come out on DVD - particularly the ones I've somehow missed. I'm eager to watch Switched at Birth and the Nine Lives of Chloe King. Also looking forward to the Secret Circle

    I really Love Make It or Break it.

  18. I'm an even older lady and I love teen television too! I'm very much looking forward to The Lying Game. I read book one and book two just downloaded to my Nook yesterday when it was released. I'm hopeful the show will be great. I'm also looking forward to Secret Circle. the double header with Vampire Diaries makes it look to be a great evening of television.


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