Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Secret Love of Janet Evanovich + Stephanie Plum Movie Casting


Yeah, I know, shocking. Grown-up alert! But not TOO grown-up, because I'm talking Stephanie Plum, here, people -- the woman doesn't know how to act like a grown-up.

If you don't know already, Stephanie is the star of her own book series by Janet Evanovich. Their titles are numbered -- One for the Money and so on -- and this weekend I got up to Sizzling Sixteen.

They follow Stephanie's zany hijinks -- and yes, they really do deserve to be called that -- as a bounty hunter in New Jersey. These books are cookie cutter and the plot never goes anywhere. SO WHY CAN I NOT STOP READING THEM?

Seriously, someone help me. This is a cry for help.

I mean, I haven't read so many books about the same set of characters since The Baby-Sitters Club. Is it just that I'm so involved 16 books in that there's no turning back till Stephanie either gets fatally shot, sent to jail or settles down and marries Morelli?!

And lord help me if that ever happens because, frankly, Ranger is one of the reasons I'm still reading these books. ("Babe.")

But here I am, downloading book 17 on my Kindle. And despite what I said earlier, I'm still super pumped that book 1, One for the Money, is being made into a movie that premieres next January. Check out the casting:


Katherine Heigl - Stephanie, Daniel Sunjata - Ranger, Jason O'Mara - Morelli

 Debbie Reynolds - Grandma Mazur, Sherri Shepherd - Lula

Does anyone else feel this way about a series -- too invested to quit? Can you not stop yourself from reading the latest installment because, well, what's one more at this point? Help me, friends!

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  1. I can't say that there's any series that's gone beyond 3 books that I've compulsively read, but...okay I just completely forgot what I was going to say because I can't stop staring at Daniel Sunjata and I have never read this series (tho one of my BFF's is currently starting it) and OMG HE IS SO HOT.

    Like, looks like a classy gent but is probably a beautuche (= "beautiful douche" copyright Carla 2011).

    Seriously. Can't stop staring. Please don't tell my husband.

  2. I adore this series. I'm far from being caught up, I doubt I ever will be, I'll probably always be behind. I think I left off on book 12. I'm surprised this series is still going but I could never quit this series. It's just too funny and perfect for a nice light read. And Ranger is one of the few reasons I've stuck with the series this long as well.

    I'm unsure about the movie, as I am about all my favorite books that become movies but I'm not going to judge until I actually see the it. But I must say the guy they picked for Ranger is hot!

  3. I really love Katherine Heigl, so I can't wait to see the movie!

    The series is absolutely hilarious, but I am getting a little tired of there being no plot development in the books. I would miss Ranger a lot if he wasn't around as well, but I still wish the love triangle would END!

  4. @thatcovergirl Um, yeah, Capillya, basically you should read these books then because Ranger...just what he looks like. Casting there is perfect. Sizzlin'!

  5. I haven't read any of her books. I see them on end caps, but always wondered if they were worth picking up. May have to give them a try.

  6. I. LOVE. THESE. BOOKS. End of story. And really Ranger IS the NUMBER ONE reason I'm still reading these. So happy he was in Seventeen a lot. That's what I live for. I feel eventually something will happen with Morelli but I am Team Ranger all the way, babe!! And Sunjata as Ranger is a done deal. He just needs to grow out his hair.


    I HATE Katherine Heigl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I probably won't end up watching it now. The movie is ruined right there.




  7. I totally feel this way about the House of Night series. I read the first couple and the compulsively bought one after another until I had read them all, in about a week. I don't think they are particularly good, the last couple of books felt like they could have just been individual chapters in one book, but they make me laugh. I know I will keep reading them to the bitter end of the series.

  8. just finished 17 this weekend & i gotta say i'm a ranger girl all the way. i really think the main reason i keep reading them is ranger, i spend the entire book waiting for him to show up. love the casting. i actually attended the same college as daniel sunjata, he was a senior & i was a freshman. he is sooo unbelievably HOT.

  9. Omg, I feel you with the series thing...my weakness is trashy romances. Just devoured The Black Dagger Brotherhood (9 books) over the course of 2 months. I have to take breaks when I start asking myself..."why am I reading this...I know what's going to happen" And yet, I always start another. I call it my candy...no nutritional substance but damn it tastes good, lol. Really, who am I to deprive myself of some trashy reading time. It's good for the soul to read both the trashy and the literary. Just don't think about it too much!

  10. I know exactly what you mean about this series. I keep reading them even though nothing has actually happened since, like, book 4. But they are just so hilarious and Ranger and Morelli are sides of one of the hottest love triangles. And I'm so excited there's going to be a movie! I love Katherine Heigl mucho!

  11. The movie was shot last year - you are about a year behind :) It is out on January 27, 2012.

    You can see Katherine as Stephanie on her web site:


    also check out http://stephaniesobsession.blogspot.com/ for all the latest.

  12. @Mel Well, I wasn't claiming it was breaking news or anything...sheesh...

  13. I love this series. Yeah, I know nothing new ever happens, but they are fun reads.

  14. Daniel Sujata as Ranger?!!! Now that's some casting I can get behind! Katherine Heigl...not so much. I'm sure I'll still see it though. :)

    This is one of those series that I will probably read until the bitter end. They are way formulaic at this point but still mostly entertaining.

  15. Before I got into YA books hardcore, I read through these. They're so addicting! I got up to fifteen but I haven't read the latest two. The stories are all pretty much the same but I can't put them down. And yes, Ranger... swoon. I always thought he was hotter than Morelli and the casting confirms that. Oh, Ranger. Also, I think of Lula whenever I see someone dressed in clothes multiple sizes too small.

  16. I only read up to book...3.
    But I have almost all of them thanks to Book Mooch!

    Team Morelli for me!

  17. I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! I think they are hilarious reads that must be read mostly in one sitting.

    I'm a HUGE fan of Ranger too :)
    Also can't wait for the movie.

  18. I have only read the first one but I'll continue reading the other books because Stephanie is do damn hilarious! Can't wait for the movie!

  19. My family and I have read all the books. As we did, we pictured Sandra Bullock as Stephanie, George Clooney as Morelli, Olympia Dukakis as her mother, John Mahoney as her father, Betty White as Grandma Mazur, Pierce Brosnan as Ranger, Queen Latifah as Lula and Danny Devito as Vinnie.
    That being said, some are a little older now and may not fit the part. Still, I believe that Sandra Bullock NEEDS to play the part of Stephanie.
    No offense to the cast, but it's just not going to reflect what's in the book.

  20. @JeanneGenie

    I agree with JeanneGenie...Katherine Heigl as Stephanie??! The movie is already ruined for me! She's fine in her tv shows and her romcoms, but not for this.
    No offense to anyone who thinks she may be good for this part.

  21. My perfect cast for Ranger is Gabriel Romero. He is sexy, mysterious looking and he would be good at one word answers/questions such as "And?". He is Latino and an actor in the soaps I believe.

  22. The casting of the Plum Characters for the first film is not just poor it is terrible. Its apparent the people responsible in the selections should all be fitted with glass navels in order for them to see where they are going. It is very disappointing that a smart business woman stood by and watched her colorful characters that took years to develop be sacrificed for the almighty dollar.


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