Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top 10 Book Trends I Love and Hate

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is
Top 10 Book Trends I'd Like to See More or Less Of

Trends I'm Over:

Faces on covers that I can’t quite match to character: The Vampire Academy and Morganville Vampire series are guilty of this, I feel. Who is that? Rose? Claire? Can’t tell!

Love triangles: ‘Cause it’s hard enough to like/attempt to date one guy, no?

Mythology: I love it, but this trendy topic and I need to go on a break.

Every paranormal ever in one book: A lot of my favorite books are like this, but sometimes I just would like a fairy book that’s actually a fairy book, you know?*

Controlling, nasty men who seek redemption: I understand the bad boy appeal, trust me. But some people take it too far…and I worry a little about the message it sends to young girls. Not naming book names, but just sayin’…

Trends I Dig:

Quests: Overcoming the odds for the sake of humanity! Oh, it gets me every time. (Hunger Games, Blood Red Road, Knife of Never Letting Go)

Humorous, believable contemps: Stories that actually remind me of my own high school experience, just funnier/slightly cooler. (Not That Kind of Girl, Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have), One Night That Changes Everything)

Series galore: Sure, it’s annoying when a story never ends. But I’m the type of girl who always wonders what happens to the characters after the last page, so this sort of works for me.

Superstar authors co-writing books: Basically I am referring to anything John Green and David Levithan have ever written with anyone. Two of my favorite authors? In one book? SCORE! It seems to show to me that these are collaborative authors who everyone genuinely likes and can work well with. Levithan is working on one now with Nightshade author Andrea Cremer. Fun, no?

Friendship stories: As in Will Grayson, Will Grayson–esque. And friends that support, rather than backstab.

Anna Reads young adult book blog

* I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.


  1. Great post, Anna! I am totally with you on loving series- sometimes I crave a good standalone, but most of the time, I love seeing where my favorite characters go when a story ends.

    I'm also glad you mentioned 10 THINGS because I'm about to start reading it!

  2. I love books that co-written too!! Can't believe I didn't add this to my list! My favourite such book would be Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett!!

    Nice list :)


  3. I get very frustrated with covers. If someone is in charge of a cover, that person needs to read the book first! (Just seems like a basic requirement, right?)

    Here's my Top Ten list for this week:
    Top Ten Trends You'd Like to See More Of
    I hope you will stop by and join in Readerbuzz's August Giveaway!

  4. Love this list. I get annoyed with every paranormal element thrown in to one book too. It's just way too much sometimes. I'll never get tired of the love triangle, though. I like some jealousy & angst ;-)

  5. Great list. Sometimes every paranormal in one is overwhelming + if they change any of the basic assumptions = too much world building.

  6. Oh girl. Amen to the covers thing. WHAT IS WITH the cover of The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson?

  7. Toootally with you on these! ALL of the "less of"s and on the "more of" side, especially the friendship stories and humorous believable contemps.

  8. quests! heck yes, love that this was on your list. One of my favorite things.

    I hate the bad covers too - like when a book is set in China but the face on the cover is white. Really?

  9. Yes to co-writing! I loved finding out that Maureen Johnson and John Green wrote a book together. Makes for one awesome book. I totally agree about faces on the cover too. I feel like the author's trying to force what the character looks like on readers rather than letting us use our imagination.

    Here's my Top Ten: http://bit.ly/qlepOJ

  10. "Faces on covers that I can’t quite match to character."-I feel weird having to ask someone which character is on the cover...

    I love co-written books! :) yay!

  11. This is such a great list and I agree with every one of your points.

  12. I TOTALLY agree on the controlling men issue. My sister just turned 18, but read Twilight around the age of 16. I definitely told her, "If a guy ever treats you the way Edward Cullen treated Bella, you better kick him in the shins and then run far far away." Having a dude want to protect you is nice, but having him act like you can't survive without it? Yeah, that's just plain creepy.

    And also... YES ON FUNNY CONTEMPORARY! Anna and the French Kiss? The Jessica Darling series? Maureen Johnson's books? Yes please! (kinda hoping my book, Meant to Be, will help fill that desire, too!)

  13. haha never thought of the confusing faces on cover issue, but it does really bother me. ESPECIALLY the morganville vampire series!

  14. Good ones! I like the superstar authors thing too. Awesome stuff!

  15. I LOVE a series. I loathe having to leave my favorite characters behind. I kinda want books to be like soap operas. They just keep going and going and going for 30ish years. Well maybe not THAT long but I do adore when a story can continue on without getting boring or repetative.


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