Thursday, September 8, 2011

Young Adult Books That Should Be TV Shows or Movies

So my friend Ginger asks a bookish question each week on her blog, and I couldn’t resist joining in this time. The question?

Which books would you love to see made into a TV series or movie?

CLEARLY the Jessica Darling (Sloppy First) needs to be made into a movie, and apparently this is in the works. Megan McCafferty asked for casting ideas on her Facebook page, and these were my faves. Marcus is IMPOSSIBLE to picture, but I can sort of see it, no?

Jessica & Marcus?

I’d like to see the Shift/Shade books by my girl Jeri Smith-Ready be made into a TV show. Tension! Drama! Intrigue! Love triangles! Perfect teen television. I’ve got no clue on casting Aura, but these are my faves for the boys:

Zachary & Logan?

As for movies, I could go on and on. I just read Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith, and that was just MEANT to be a movie. This is sort of who I visualized as the main characters, though they’re both a little too PRETTY and he’s too old.

 Hadley & Oliver?

Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott would be a cute movie…maybe Forget You by Jennifer Echols too. And definitely the Shiver series by Maggie Stiefvater. A non-cheese werewolf movie would be nice!

 Greg? Doug? Sam? 

First off: Do you think my makeshift casting is insane? Also: Wouldn't these make great shows/movies? Which books would you pick to be the next Gossip Girl, Mortal Instruments, etc.?

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  1. I think Logan Lerman would make a PERFECT Sam! And this post reminded me that I need to read Shade/Shift. I've heard nothing but great things about that series :-)

    I'd actually love to see HIlary Duff's Elixir made into a movie. I was surprised by how much I liked that book. I also think Anna and the French Kiss would be great, too. :-D

  2. Your casting of Sam is perfect!!!

    Me, I am DYING to see The Luxe adapted for TV - I'm thinking mini-series would be great. I've heard a movie is in the works!

    And of course Anna and the French Kiss. Only that would mean I'd have to give up my lovely pictures of Etienne in my head :(

  3. There's a studio in the process of turning Vampire Academy into a movie. But there's six books and the timeline spans over the course of about a year. So by the time they get to making the last film, if they make them one by one, it'll be like 10, 15 years from now. The actors/actresses will be way too old. And there's way too much stuff that will be cut from the film. So I wish they'd turn it into a TV series a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  4. Luckily all my fave series are currently in the process of finding a studio or already have one. Such as Vampire Academy, Divergent, The Immortals series, Lorien Legacies, etc.

    However, I am currently reading Enclave and I'd love to see it made into a movie. AND the Perfect Chemistry series would make a cute movie series, especially after seeing the book trailer for Rules of Attraction, hot boys! And even though I don't do Sci-Fi, I enjoyed Across the Universe more than I thought I would so it'd be an interesting choice too.

    And seriously.....someone BETTER make Morganville into a TV show because it could totally railroad Vampire Diaries right out of the business :D Shane <3

  5. LOOOOVE your picks! Who is your Greg choice? because that dude is HOTTTT.

    P.S. I still think we need to start this blog idea.. ya know ;-)

  6. I think I could picture Anton as Marcus Flutie.

    My list: The Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay,
    Shade/Shift 9of course!). I also picked The Summer I Turned Pretty series. Deifinitely ABC Family material, ya? And the fabulous Lady Julia series by Deanna Raybourn.

    Love your hot guy picks tho. I'd watched just for the eye candy.

    Marissa @ And many to read before I sleep

  7. Forest of Hands and Teeth!

    If I Stay/Where She Went might be good but a lot of If I Stay would be hard to film, so maybe make it one movie?

    I had another idea but I lost it . . .

  8. I forgot all about Jessica Darling! I have still only read the first book. I know I need to read the rest! I love all your casting choices, so much pretty on one page!

  9. Vampire Academy!!!

  10. So many books I need to review. Stealing Heaven would be awesome made for TV movie.

  11. The Wolves of Mercy Falls is one of my all time fav series. I would be DEVESTTED if it went the Twilight route. Completely. Good news is that I think the series is already contracted to be made into a movie.

  12. The Sky is Everywhere, because I love the crap out of that book.


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