Monday, February 6, 2012

The Best Books for Someone Who Doesn't Read

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is:

Top 10 Books You'd Hand to Someone 
Who Says They Don't Like to Read

Dana and me, engaging in nonreading activities.

To answer this week's Top 10 question, I'm calling on the big guns -- my best friend Dana, a (GASP!) nonreader. Dana hasn't read a book since Twilight in 2007.* Sooo, yeah, it takes a lot to get her to read.

Dana's list of qualities nonreaders look for in a book:

First quality -- it's been a movie: "If there's a movie about it, I'll probably read it," Dana says.

OK, honestly, her first response was "Anything I can read on the toilet."** Quickly followed by, "Anna, I don't want to read any books about fairies. Especially if it's spelled with an 'E.'" HHAHAHA.

Second quality -- a shorter read: "I don't have time to get invested," Dana says. "I want something I can just pick up every now and then without a lot of thought."

A lot of people can relate -- they don't have the time to read, or don't want to make time to read a book they don't know they'll like. So, they look for a good guarantee, which usually does mean a super-hyped, blockbuster-type book. And there's nothing wrong with that!

Here's Dana's book wish list, which I think gives you an idea of what appeals to nonreaders:

Dana's To-Read List

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling (she likes funny people -- like moi? haaaa, kidding)

Just My Type: A Book About Fonts by Simon Garfield (she's a graphic designer)

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (movie)

The Help by Kathryn Stockett (movie)

• Any book about Taylor Swift (she's a fan, what can I say?)

Personally, I think these are solid books. Crowd-pleasers, you know? And books that aren't going to take you 500 years to read (cough Game of Thrones cough).

So any of you want to join forces and help me convince Dana to ACTUALLY try one of these? Or, knowing what you now know about Dana, any book recommendations for her?

Anna Reads young adult book blog

* After she read it, she was so into it she once ran out of the bathroom yelling, "Anna! I was in the shower and I saw calming shampoo and I thought, 'This shampoo is just like JASPER!'" She's basically hilarious.

** She had Baby-Sitter's Club books in our bathroom in college.


  1. LOVE THIS!! Get her on The Hunger Games sooon! SHE MUST!!

  2. I love the Taylor Swift read. Boxcar Children are also a must Dee.

  3. I am a very sporadic reader. But I LOVED "The Hunger Games" (and sequels). And I listened to the Mindy Kaling book & laughed a lot. Good suggestions!

  4. Such a good post! LOL on the Fairies comment with and "E" Read the Hunger Games, good! I have heard great things about Heaven is for Real. Happy Reading!

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  6. "* After she read it, she was so into it she once ran out of the bathroom yelling, "Anna! I was in the shower and I saw calming shampoo and I thought, 'This shampoo is just like JASPER!'" She's basically hilarious."

    ijoafjeoafoiaif9pakfkelnfiuaeofp ahahahahaha I died. UHM recommendations...let me think let me think - I think any Meg Cabot books are quick and easy and fun reads.

  7. Just My Type is a great book.

  8. Awesome, Anna! I love that you talked to Dana about what she'd want to read! :)

  9. I love this take on This week's top ten tuesday!!!

  10. I would recommend David Levithan's Lover's Dictionary. I love it so immensely and yet I still haven't finished it because it is a pick up and put down kind of book for me, no rush.

  11. HAHA! I've never heard of Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me, but I need it now. Looks hilarious!

  12. She must read at least one of them. Can't wait for a follow-up on this post. Nonreaders is such an interesting species! ;)

  13. Your friend is hilarious! I quit trying to get non-readers to read (among my friends & family that is). I got too frustrated when they only wanted to read very commercialized books & were missing out on some serious quality gems.

  14. I think she should read The Hunger Games. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me is also supposed to be very funny! Also, I got my best friend (a non-reader) to read by giving her Chelsea Handler's My Horizontal Life - hilarious! Here is my Top Ten

  15. The Hunger Games is a good pick, as I've also got a lot of non-reader friends who absolutely loved it! Plus, the movie's coming out. :)

  16. Pretty much anything by Kristan Higgins or maybe one of the not-too-chessy Nora Roberts books.

  17. I have to agree with Dana on The Help. My MIL only reads the Bible and religious books, but she read The Help and loved it! And she read it because of the movie. :)

  18. What a fun way to take on the topic this week! I have The Hunger Games and The Help on my list, as well, so I totally agree they'd be good for non-readers.
    My T10T Post

  19. I am firmly behind all these suggestions, except maybe the Heaven one. :-) Though if that's her bag, there's always Tuesdays With Morrie -- all the non-readers in my fam read that one & loved it.

    What about My Sister's Keeper (movie), Water for Elephants (movie), or If I Stay (short, and about musicians).

    And obviously The Hunger Games should be number one!

  20. Posts like these are (one of the many reasons) why we love you. Rock it, girl!

    Also, please tell me she's read J. Darling?

    *My mom isn't a big reader but I pretty much forced her to read The Fault in Our Stars and she has thanked me everyday since.

  21. You're cute. Let's be friends.

    I'd also toss Bossypants in the mix.

  22. Dude your friend is awesome.

    I want to drink some good brew with you guys!

  23. I still randomly buy Babysitter's Club books at Goodwill, so I think we'd get along great. Ha. :) Fun list.

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