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Getting Over Garrett Delaney by Abby McDonald

Getting Over Garrett Delaney
By Abby McDonald

Jan. 24, 2012
Candlewick, 336 pages
Source: Publisher

Can a twelve-step program help Sadie kick her unrequited crush for good? Abby McDonald serves up her trademark wit and wisdom in a hilarious new novel.

Seventeen-year-old Sadie is in love: epic, heartfelt, and utterly one-sided. The object of her obsession - ahem, affection - is her best friend, Garrett Delaney, who has been oblivious to Sadie's feelings ever since he sauntered into her life and wowed her with his passion for Proust (not to mention his deep-blue eyes). For two long, painful years, Sadie has been Garrett's constant companion, sharing his taste in everything from tragic Russian literature to art films to '80s indie rock - all to no avail.

But when Garrett leaves for a summer literary retreat, Sadie is sure that the absence will make his heart grow fonder - until he calls to say he's fallen in love. With some other girl! A heartbroken Sadie realizes that she's finally had enough. It's time for total Garrett detox! Aided by a barista job, an eclectic crew of new friends (including the hunky chef, Josh), and a customized self-help guide, Sadie embarks on a summer of personal reinvention full of laughter, mortifying meltdowns, and a double shot of love.

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Why is it girls always fall for the self-centered guy and never see the sweet one in the background (or in the back of the kitchen in this case, hint hint)?! Hormones. I blame hormones.

As a very grown-up lady, I look back at my high school crushes and it's like, "Oh, honey, no! What are you thinking?" That's how I felt about this book.

Sadie! You young fool you! Garrett doesn't like you! MOVE ON! It's okay though, girl, we've all been there -- just emotionally busted over some jerk dude and passed out on our beds in agony with a book over our faces.* You'll learn.

Back to the point: This was a little slow for me, not a favorite, but I do enjoy the subject matter. Learning to get over a completely futile crush is an essential part of being a teenage girl. Even though it's not about abuse or drugs or death or any of that serious business, it seems like this book carries a very important lesson.

AKA: Get over him already! Stand strong! You deserve better!

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* I'm referring to the book cover here. Follow along!


  1. Definitely think I'll have to give this book a try. I'm too old to be crushing like that and yet I'm getting over one myself. And I do remember those high school crushes, half of them are on my facebook for an upcoming 10 year reunion and I'm questioning that why would I ever all the time :)

  2. Anna, I'm trying to weigh if I'd like this book or not, so I'm wondering if you had read Abby's book Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots & if so if you enjoyed that book or reviewed it?

    1. I haven't read her other books yet! This book is definitely one that pissed me off, but I can see the value in it, you know?

    2. Ohhhh I will certainly have to read it then, I want to see whats so upsetting... Hmmm. I'd say then Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of.. (why do people make titles so long?) wouldn't make you mad, but maybe I'm delusional! Haha

  3. haha I love your comment about the hormones!! I blame them too! :D And you're so right Anna, we've all been there :/ :P
    But I must admit, when I look back, I said always to myself "How could have I been so stupid?" lol. At least, I can laugh now about it :)

  4. ha! I often think the same thing when I look back at some of my HS crushes. It's embarrassing. lol.

    Love the dramatic cover, and is is just me or does that bed look crazy comfy!

  5. Garret was the most pretentious boy EVER. what a snobby snob-head.

  6. I really liked Abby's other book, THE ANTI-PROM, for some of the same reasons.

    It has important lessons worth reading about, even if it isn't a super duper heavy one.

    And yes, we can all relate to the unrequited crush that was best unrequited. DAMN YOU JEFF.

  7. There are so many books I'm going to have my kiddo read when she gets older so that perhaps she can avoid some of my mistakes! She's 5. I'm planning ahead.


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